Fri, September 25, 2020


St. John the Baptist, Port Glasgow

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  1. There will be 9.30am weekday Masses this coming week on Monday, Tuesday, Friday No public Maas on Saturday because of first Communions. Thursday we will begin again the practice of having an evening Mass at 7pm preceded by confessions at 6.30pm  
  2. The Church will not be open for private prayers this week.
  3. There will not be a formal period of confessions on Saturday 19th September.
  4. On Saturdays 19th of September The Mass is the parish Holy Communion Mass and are not available for parishioners not invited by the families. There will be not confessions on that day but will be available at 6.30pm on Thursdays
  5. A Deacon the Rev. Don Keane has been given an appointment to St. John’s and he officially takes up his appointment on Friday 11th September.
  6. Some notice is necessary for the first Communion Mass. Given the restrictions on mass numbers these Masses can only be attended at the invitation of the families of the children involved. The date is now confirmed as Saturday 19th September. Given the large number of children (40) we have to restrict it to 10 children per Mass plus their guests. The plan is to have two Masses on the Saturdays the first being at 10 am the second at This means that the whole morning will be taken up so there will not only be no public Mass on these dates there will not be confessions either. It is hoped that prior to these Masses the current 9.30 Mass on Thursdays will revert to our pre coronavirus practice of a 7pm evening Mass preceded by confessions at 6.30am.
  7. Rev Don Keane officially takes up his appointment as Deacon in the parish on Friday 11th September 2020.
  8. There will be no Mass or Service on Wednesday

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Notes regarding the opening of the church from

week beginning Monday 20th July.

The need for stewarding of all Masses and periods of private prayer means that for this week given the limited number of stewards I shall try a week of morning Masses at 9.30am and propose Saturday morning for confessions. The periods for private prayer on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be cancelled this week but may be re-established in the coming weeks.

Again the system of online bookings will be the main way to make sure we have a record of who comes to Mass as the government does require us to keep information for contact tracing.. The booking site is Evenbrite which can be accessed by googling Evenbrite and clicking on the site and following directions (I know some have had difficulty especially because the site times out the application. I have addressed this problem by changing the time to book to !0 minutes.)

For those with a smart phone it is easier to download the Eventbrite app and just search St John the Baptist Port Glasgow. The Masses will come up click the one you want to book and follow the instructions and you will be sent a ticket by email that you can print and bring with you. I will have a list so don’t worry about not having a printed ticket.

I have put up the 6 weekdays this week and will put up three weeks ahead for the Vigil and Sunday Masses. I will revert to the 6pm vigil and 9.30 and 11 on Sunday should the two priests no longer need to live stream a Mass for St Johns.

 Your Clergy

Parish Priest: Reverend Maurice Callaghan


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