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The Newsletter of St. John the Baptist Parish

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Scottish Charity No. SCO13514

Parish Priest - Reverend Maurice Callaghan


MASS:                 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri:  9:30am
                           Thu:  7:00pm
                           Sat:   10:00am
                           Sun:  Vigil (Sat) 6:00pm, 9:30am,                                           11:00am
CONFESSIONS:  Thu:  6:30 – 7:00pm
                           Sat:  10:30 – 11:00am
DEVOTIONS:      Thu:  6:30 – 7:00pm
Please try to give Fr. Maurice a few weeks’ notice
for baptisms and at least six months’ notice for weddings.
Last Sunday’s collection raised £1,266.00
Thank you for your great generosity!



8th July 2018 – Fourteenth Sunday of the Year (B)

Please pray for: 
            †  those who are sick: Morgan Crawford, Neily Docherty, Charles Barry, Betty McFadden, Kate Heaney, Mamie Johnson, Betty Campbell, Paul Gurney, Ann Sweeney, Rose Rodgers, Ann Docherty, Thomas Hagan, Sadie Stanton, Laura Clarke, Leah Weston, Hughie Muir, Callum Gibson, Kathleen Farren, Sandra Thomson, Maria Jane Parolari, Liam McLaughlin, Jean Higgins, Euan Leslie, Angela Murray, Mary Kincaid, Hugh Lowrie, Rosie Mitchell, Isabel Gibson, Derek Voysey, Marjory Gatens, Fe Gresham, Dionicia Gonzales, Mary McAlindon, James Brannigan, Isabella Gilmartin, Anna Mazzoni, Monsignor Peter Smith, Charles McDonald, Liz Hagan, John Bell, Jean & Tom McCahill, Korbin Gabb (5yrs), Charlie Branwhite, John Livingstone, Finley Monachan, Andy Adams, Arthur McAra, Frank Lombardi, Alice Knox, John Buchanan, Jim Rodgers,  Mary McIntyre, Stewart McCullagh (24 yrs.), Joseph Monaghan, Harriet and Grace Campbell, Eileen Daly, Paddy Docherty, Maureen Collins and Peter Mooney
            † those who have died recently:  Betty Docherty, Norma Smith and Albert Burroughs
            † those whose anniversaries occur about now:  Thomas Boyle Fisher, Jacqueline Cuffe, Pat McKillop, Cathy Baxter, Isabella McMillan, Elsie McIlkenny, Delia Gibson, Jean Kane, Elizabeth Murray, Winifred McBrearty, Johnny & Peggy Watt, John & Caroline Watt, Bella McCartney and Harry Mulholland (six months’ mind)
Parish Meeting to discuss the Synod Cluster Meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th July at 7pm in St John’s Hall
Second Collection – This Sunday the second collection is for Survive-Miva.  This is a Special Appeal for a Catholic Lay Association providing funding for essential transport for health outreach work in isolated rural areas and for the Church’s pastoral care in places of difficult access.
The New Weekly Collection Envelopes – are now available in the Bishop John Mone room.  Please take a set to use week to week to support your Parish and its activities.  If you have ‘Gift Aid’ with the Parish (enabling us to reclaim the tax – 25p in every Pound that you donate) there is a box with your name and address on it.  If you are a Tax Payer and have not yet signed a ‘Gift Aid’ form, please speak to Father Maurice.
Charity Bingo Night - St John’s SVDP wish to thank everyone who supported their recent bingo night in St John’s Hall.  The amount raised was £611!  Thank you to everyone who donated either by way of attending, buying tickets, donating raffle prizes and also everyone who handed in home baking. Your support was very much appreciated. A special thanks to Sadie for organising the bingo. It was a very successful and enjoyable evening.
Legion of Mary - A Holy Hour led by Deacon Don will be held in St. Laurence's Church to pray for success of work done by Legionaries abroad in several countries this summer. The Holy Hour will commence at 7pm on Friday 13th July and will consist of Rosary, Homily, Private Prayer and Benediction. All welcome.
20-40 Network Events - Aged 20-40? Would you like to meet some fellow young Catholics? We are going to Laser Station at Soar, Braehead on 14th July at 7:15pm. Ticket sales close 29th June. Just email to buy a £12 ticket or join our mailing list to find out about future events if you can’t make this one. 
Annual Diocesan Day to Carfin will take place on Sunday 5th August 2018.
As we still remember the generosity of God our loving Father, we remember too how He gave to us His only Son whose Blood was shed for us and for our salvation.  Today's Gospel of St. Mark tells how Jesus was rejected in His own village and how Jesus was amazed at their lack of faith.  The Precious Blood of Jesus reminds us, even in the midst of great suffering, the Lord is with us and His life Blood shared offers to us spiritual and physical healing.  We know how precious blood is and how so necessary.  It is difficult to appreciate often how important blood is until we, or someone close to us, may need a blood transfusion, as you know, be it in hospital, at home or on the field of battle, air, land or sea.  Even what seems to be the smallest cut can prove fatal.  Those of us who have given blood know that one life and indeed thousands of lives can be saved, from babies to adults, of every and any age, because of pints and pints of blood generously given.  So please remember those who need blood.
Today Jesus visits His home town.  It is not unusual when we consider what happened to Jesus in his own home town, can happen to us perhaps through petty jealousies or rivalry.  People are not accorded respect nor regard because more times than we should we fail in our understanding of what it means to show respect for others particularly when we fail to realise that we have all been created in the image and likeness of God.  Each of us has the skills and attributes to make the world a better place by having a greater regard one for another.  Jesus must have been terribly saddened by the experience of being rejected by His own town and people.  Jesus came for all, remember we reject God, God does not reject us.  While we have here this disappointing end to the Galilean Ministry, there is a change of direction, as Jesus looks to the Disciples to take a more active role in the Ministry and Mission of Jesus.  As we know the rejection would widen further though not all to greater Israel.  Again this is not from God but the choice of the people.  Is it not somehow uncanny as we consider the reality of today and our current Ministry and Mission that many of our own flock are diminishing.  St. Mark wished to impress upon us that those who choose not to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, miss out in the many blessings for faith and fellowship in knowing God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  This could be the same for many today.
There are aspects of today's Gospel which are so important for us to reflect upon, as we literally see a village turning away from Jesus, for they cannot accept the man they knew so well, which is not as well as they thought, as they disrespect and tried to belittle Him failing and in their turning away, they lose contact with their Lord and Saviour and the many blessings and gifts He offers as the One for whom they have been waiting!  The similarity for us relates to the action plan of the Synod and the responsibility of all of us to walk with the Lord as we consider ourselves as a people of evangelisation, who actively reach out to those who do not know Jesus or have left and forgotten Him.  We are also a Church of Lay People where responsibility is shared among our people and clergy.  We are also a "synod community", all consulted which also directs us to consider how best we can use our resources of clergy and people, as well as our financial resources to focus upon the mission and ministry of Church.  This, as you know, is part of our "Making All Things New as we look to renewing our local Church for the 21st Century."  This is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, the Church whereby the Blood of Our Saviour gives a transfusion in a spiritual sense.  As we have failed perhaps to realise the Church is a living Body, the Body of Christ Himself, not a museum, but a people where the Blood of Our Saviour courses through our spiritual veins.
As the hymn, Pange Lingua reminds us, "Of the glorious Body telling, O my tongue, its mysteries sing, And the Blood, all price excelling, Which the world's eternal King, In a noble womb once dwelling, Shed for the world's ransoming.”
We must all be more involved in the life and mission of the Church.  We pray in thanksgiving for the successful "Across" Bus to Lourdes and the happy home coming this weekend of the Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage with Bishop John.  A wonderful joy of prayers, miracles, and happy times together.  A good time to say Ave, Ave, Ave Maria and on this Sea Sunday as we pray for and support this mission, "we look out for Thy Shining, Sweet Star of the Sea."  Amen.
The Angelus Prayer Group has been established in Honour of The Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church, the new feast day, which will be celebrated annually the day after Pentecost.  Pope Francis approved the celebration because he thought it might “encourage the growth of the maternal sense of the church in the pastors, religious and faithful, as well as a growth of genuine Marian piety.”
The Angelus group is open to the public, we pray each day at 12 noon - it can be accessed via Facebook All are welcome to join. 
Celebrate Family Conference:  8th-9th September, St Ninian's High School -“See, I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:19) Following on from last year’s successful Celebrate family conference we’re delighted to tell you that this September it will be running again.  It is a great faith-filled weekend with inspirational speakers and lots of fun with activity streams for children, teens and young adults.  If you want to join us please follow the link and sign up, there is an early bird offer available right now! 
The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became law across Europe on Friday May 25th. The Diocese of Paisley would like to reassure you that it takes your data very seriously and will protect it in compliance with all aspects of the new regulation. We have established that there is legitimate interest as the legal basis for processing personal data but will contact you directly if there is any need to gain your consent for any other specific purpose.  Please see Privacy Notice at the back of the church.
Retreat Accommodation Services in Scotland -  A contemplative community of the Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Montmartre OSB are situated in Largs, Ayrshire, and are currently working on promoting their retreat accommodation services in Scotland. They have a guest house/ retreat centre for groups/individuals who would like to spend some quiet time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in Largs, and/or go out for a walk along the seafront. They also have a cottage (which is self-catering) that they rent out per week usually to parish groups or families on holiday. 5 Mackerston Place, Largs, Ayrshire KA 30 8BY. Tel: 01475-687320,  Email:
Diocesan Priesthood  - Thinking about Diocesan Priesthood in 2018? For more information please contact Fr. John Morrison 01418895056 or e-mail

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