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Below is the letter I sent out with the Gift Aid envelopes alon wit a Standing Order form. Have a look. There is more information in the bulletin and importantly some information on the possibility of opening the church for private prayer.

Important update to finance information in this week’s bulletin.

I know some  people don’t read the bulletin online of a week ( to do so you click the” bulletin” tab on the website) but this week I’d ask parishioners to have a look at the bishop’s letter that I print in full.
It’s got info on what the Church is doing in preparation for the end of this time of Covid19 lockdown and what may come next. You’ll also see it talks of fundraising and the good thing from my viewpoint is because it sets out the position I don’t need to so much.
There’s no escaping the fact that this is delicate situation in that to blatantly push for money is crass in the extreme. This is especially so as some people’s whole livelihood will be impacted by what is happening.
It has been suggested to me that I should go to the gift aid list and send out envelopes so that people could have the opportunity to contribute. I have sat on the letter from the Bishop as I was trying to think what ‘s the best way to do this. I had thought that maybe saying to people that if they wish to let me know that they don’t want envelopes I would not send them but that I think would make people uncomfortable in a different way.
I now as instructed enclose the envelopes for those who are gift aided and people who are not tax payers but like to have an envelope. Do not feel any pressure from me or the Church to give If you want to it helps us but you know your situation. Be assured there will be no follow up from me. I will not keep a master list to see who has or hasn’t replied. You might’ve heard me say on occasion that I deliberately never look at the gift aid master list to see who is giving or what amount. I never match numbers to identities and the numbers ensure that counters don’t know who is giving or the amount. This is good for me and good for you as being over concerned about the money is a bad look for the priest.
The Bishops letter has ways of paying suggested including through the diocese but now you have the envelope you can use them and maybe post them or put through my letterbox or put them all in at once when we get back into the church. Whatever suits you. Envelopes mean we get the contribution without the middleman.
An even better way is to have a standing order and I enclose the form for this. if you want to give likes this fill it in send it back to me and I record that you have A SO and the money just pays and no need to worry about delivering envelopes to me. I know people worry about committing themselves to this but if you decide to vary or cancel what you give that’s entirely up to you. Phone your bank or even just do it on the bank app on your phone. It’s the easiest way to give but it doesn’t suit everyone so ignore the SO form if it’s not how you like to give. As I indicated I won’t question any cancellation or variation to a SO.
I should say that I have already been receiving envelopes through the door and some gift aid forms and people have been telling me that they’re keeping their collections for when we get back together I also have had people use the parish Bank of Scotland Sort code 802260 Acc. No 10365268 Name St John the Baptist Parish Church to pay a back amount as a one off but don’t fancy having a standing order. All of this I appreciate and I think at the end of the day we’ll most likely be fine financially and our loss of income while significant we’ll get over. But right now we’re spending more than is coming in because we still need to pay the diocesan levy and building fund. Though apart from groceries and heating the house I have pretty much no expenditure to speak of as all parish work is on hold so we’re just ticking over.
I hope nobody feels in any way offended by this appeal. I do know many are giving and many more want to give so this at least points a way forward.
Thanks for what you do for the church and I don’t just mean financially. Some check in with me periodically to see if I’m OK. I’m absolutely fine however the concern is touching. Good wishes and blessings to you all
Fr Maurice


The Catholic Bishops of Scotland have announced that, due to the health threat of the COVID-19 virus, the public celebration of Mass, and all group prayer services, will be suspended beginning on Friday 20th March for the foreseeable future.

Please click here to review the announcement in full 

Important Update Tuesday 24th March 2020

Government Lockdown order issued 8.30 pm on 23rd March 2020.

Click here for details on how it affects us

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